Revealing “The Secrets of a Royal Portrait”

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Art Characterization team of STARC contributed its scientific expertise in the exhibition “The Secrets of a Royal Portrait” organized and hosted by the Leventis Municipal Museum. The members of the STARC team, Svetlana Gasanova, Ropertos Georgiou, Sorin Hermon and Nikolas Bakirtzis led the scientific and analytical aspects of the cross-disciplinary study of an important 16th century painting of Caterina Cornaro, the last Lusignan Queen of Cyprus. The exhibition opened on September 21st with contributions from the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden, Germany.

The exhibition presents the art history of the work as well as the results of the technical and analytical study of the painting, where STARC and our Art Characterization project team played a central role; in this capacity CyI is the scientific collaborator of "The Secrets of a Royal Portrait" exhibit. Specifically, STARC experts performed a detailed digital technical imaging study of the work followed by a thorough physico-chemical analysis of the paintings colour pigments and materials.