ARCHÆOMUSICA: Exploring the Shared Musical Heritage Roots of European Culture

Monday, May 29, 2017

STARC, in collaboration with the Cyprus Department of Antiquities and under the auspices of the European Capital of Culture PAFOS 2017 organizes ARCHÆOMUSICA, an exhibition exploring the “sound evidence” of Europe’s ancient common roots, in the context of the European project Eu-ropean Music Archaeology Project (EMAP). ARCHÆOMUSICA is hosted in Pafos from May 29th until August 21st, at the archaeological park near the harbor. The exhibition is curated by CyI PhD candidate Despina Papacharalambous, in collaboration with EMAP team, ARCHÆOMUSICA ex-plores an unheard world of sound from ancient Europe, in which the unifying elements of music without boundaries are a constant theme. The exhibition shows the links between European cultures of the past through music, the development of instruments through the age, and their uses and mean-ings.

EMAP (European Music Archaeology Project) has recruited a team of archaeologists, musicologists, researchers, makers of musical instruments, composers, musicians, film-makers, sound designers and multimedia artists, and put them together with the scientific and organizational support of universi-ties, museums, public bodies, music festivals, research centres, music archives and academies in order to “bring the ancient instruments back to life”.

The Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC) of the Cyprus Institute, with the experience gained by using 3D technology and multimedia installations, among other innovating technologies, has been an ideal partner for this major project. For the first time, the highlights of ancient European musical instruments are brought together, presented in the form of high-quality replicas and reconstructions. Wherever possible, the instruments are made from the same materials and with the same production techniques as the originals. A set of multimedia installations including the SOUNDGATE, the use of 3D technology and the innovative audio tour composed like a listening book explain the making and playing of these fascinating instruments from the past, while allows the visitor to admire and fully experience the astonishing world of the ancient musical instruments.