Dioptra: the Edmée Leventis Digital Library for Cypriot Culture at the United Nations Haedquarters

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Cyprus Institute, a leader on Drupal framework development for Cultural Heritage, presented one of its flagship projects “Dioptra: The Edmée Leventis Digital Library for Cypriot Culture” during the International Conference 'New York Camp'. The Conference was held in July 2015 at the United Nations Global Headquarters, New York. Research Technical Specialist Avgoustinos Avgousti was invited to offer a comprehensive presentation of 'Dioptra' and it's rich array of projects such at the 'Digital Ancient Cypriot Literature', 'The History and Culture of Cypriot Coinage', 'Cypriot Antiquities in Museums Outside Cyprus', 'History and Culture of Cypriot Dress' and 'Shedding Light on Early Works of El Greco'. The presentation was well attended with CyI's project receiving great interest and feedback from high level international participants.

The 'New York Camp' is an open source conference, with a focus on accelerated learning aiming to help attendees contribute back to their projects and communities. The conference was Drupal-Centric, but it also encompassed a broad range of related open source technologies and communities.
 In the context of this conference, CyI's contribution highlighted its commitment at introducing Drupal as a powerful open source framework for the Digital Heritage domain, as well as, sharing and protecting the rich heritage of Cyprus through the use of open source technologies. The Drupal framework can be used to support complex Digital Culture Heritage Projects, to help researchers and scientists share their knowledge worldwide and to preserve valuable data.