E-RIHS: Digital Heritage Science and Infrastructures for Transatlantic Cooperation

Sunday, October 28, 2018

E-RIHS special session at the international congress and expo “Digital Heritage 2018” A special E-RIHS session was held within the world congress Digital Heritage 2018 in San Francisco on October, 28. The congress was around a new concept, where practitioners in the humanities and in the hard-sciences, who make use of ICT infrastructures and services, presented their work in a duet, from their two perspectives. The goal was to highlight the potential new innovative use of an infrastructure, starting from their experiences and ideas. In this way it is possible to identify new directions and needs that the infrastructure itself should answer, especially at this stage where a new European Infrastructure for the Heritage Sciences is on their construction phase. The session was focused to practical case studies, where different domains in the heritage science have met, used a research infrastructure resource or service and obtained innovative results. Some examples? A restorer who discovers the real nature of the color of a painted wall in a Roman villa, thanks to the cooperation with a chemist and an analysis service available through an infrastructure; an archaeologist who teaches to a large community the importance of a site, otherwise invisible, cooperating with a physicist and accessing a large scale infrastructure such as a particle accelerator. These are examples of different domains that could reach unexpected results, in term of research and impact, when meeting and cooperating, using an infrastructure resource or service. Dr. Sorin Hermon  as a member of the Steering Committee of E-RIHS PP, the Preparatory Phase of E-RIHS participated in the international cogress.