Dioptra in the “Researcher’s Night 2017”

Friday, September 29, 2017
On September 29, Dioptra: The Edmée Leventis Digital Library for Cypriot Heritage, participated in the “Researcher’s Night 2017” organized by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF). The event is an initiative of the European Commission, and takes place annually on the last Friday of September in almost all European countries. For 2017, the event was hosted at the International Fair Grounds in Nicosia. Audiences of different ages had the opportunity to meet with Cypriot researchers in a festive environment.The visiting public had the opportunity to become introduced to Dioptra and to digitally experience various aspects of Cypriot history and cultural heritage such as Medieval Cypriot coins, traditional Cypriot costumes and 3D models of important endangered architectural and archaeological Cypriot monuments.