Cypriot Artists’ Studios
The digital library of Artists' studios in Cyprus is an online repository, engaging a series of studio visits with Cypriot-based artists. The project will capture artists’ philosophy and attitude towards materiality, process, concept, legacy, and conservation. Each visit is based on extensive research and interviews providing a highly condensed and edited story in the artist's’ own words. The research is undertaken through discussions with artists, through close examination and scientific analysis of their works, and through archival research. The library utilizes the Cyprus Institute’s (CyI) expertise and state-of-the-art imaging, computation technologies, and digital libraries to document, study and disseminate Cypriot art. It also aims to provide an advanced digital platform for the proper storage and management of the related digital data. The value of this primary source material is immense, addressing issues such as materials and techniques used by the artists, the meaning of the artworks, and the artist’s view on conservation and presentation.
Project under development