Drupal Module for Reflectance Transformation Imaging
Drupal Module for display web RTI based on WebRTI Viewer

based on WebRTIViewer (http://vcg.isti.cnr.it/rti/webviewer.php) 1) Install given module (webgl_viewer) on your site 2) Add new field named "RTI Uploader" (field_rti_uploader) as "file" field. (Note: Machine name must match with given) 3) Change formatter from "Manage Display" of your content type and select "Web Viewer" from drop-list 

If you like to use this module please send an email to a.avgousti@cyi.ac.cy


OpenNumisma: A Software Platform For Managing Digital Heritage Numismatic Collections With a Particular Focus on Reflectance Transformation Imaging.

Download Drupal RTI Module: 
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