Apostolos Ververis Photographic Archive

Supported by the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia and the A.G. Leventis Foundation this project addresses the work of prominent Greek photographer Apostolos Ververis in Cyprus during the 1950s. Ververis created an extensive photographic archive that covered a wide range of Cypriote subjects and themes. His lens turned towards the island’s cultural heritage, monumental architecture and everyday life composing an inventory of images that was meant to serve in nowadays as an important historical record of a time that has long gone. Driven by the vision of rediscovering all those aspects that connected Cyprus to Greece the photographer focused in documenting the island’s Byzantine and Post- Byzantine churches and monasteries creating an extensive record in response to the British government’s efforts to construct Cyprus’ touristic image by promoting the island’s Ottoman and Gothic heritage. Other aspects connected to the Greek Cypriots everyday life and cultural heritage, as experienced out in the countryside, enriched Ververis archive allowing the user of the designed digital library to navigate through a variety of themes connected to the life of the Greek Cypriot peasants in the 1950s and to explore traditional professions, traditional dancing, daily habits, customs and traditions that survived on the island since ancient times. Overall, the digital library that hosts Apostolos Ververis photographic archive, materialized with the close cooperation of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia offers an engaging experience to users interested in Cyprus’ architectural heritage, antiquities and folklore allowing them to navigate through images produced by this Greek traveler in the 1950s whose work in cases completes the gabs left in Cyprus iconography by the British government. The library’s educational perspectives offer easy access and navigation to students, researchers and everyone eager to explore this side of the island’s cultural heritage.


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